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April 15, 2017
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Paleo Lifestyle’s Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting event! (+VIDEO)

This past Sunday, 23/04/2017, I’ve launched Paleo Lifestyle’s Healthy Cake and Dessert Catering with a Vegan + Paleo Cake Tasting event in the Lockhouse Bar in Glasgow. Tickets were only £2.50 and included consumption of cakes and desserts, plus free tea and coffee, with options of regular or almond milk. The bar was open to order additional drinks and alcohol.
Paleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting GlasgowThe event ran from 6:00pm until 8:00pm and all the cakes and desserts were Paleo and Low Carb, and most of them Vegan: Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake, Raw Vegan Almond Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake, Vegan Brownies, and Paleo Cinnamon rolls! All of them were labelled with Ingredients, Allergens, Calories and Macros per portion – same way they are being labelled in the website!
Paleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting Glasgow
This was the first event I’ve ever organised without having any training or experience, and took me 3 weeks of preparation, doing all the Marketing, Social Media content creation and Promotion myself, as well as making and presenting the cakes and taking all the shots and the video below. Regardless, the event was accepted very well, there were 14 attendees (as surprisingly 10+ people couldn’t make it at the last time!), people’s feedback was that the cakes were amazing and they couldn’t believe they’re actually healthy if they taste so good, and got themselves some of Paleo Lifestyle’s affordable Organic Vegan Superfoods at special promo prices for the event. I have made an announcement at the event (see video below) that Paleo Lifestyle’s Healthy cakes will be at Vegan Connections 2017 Festival in Glasgow on 12th August, so make sure you come along to try them!
Paleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting Glasgow
Paleo Lifestyle is now offering Paleo Cakes and desserts (Sugar free, Artificial ingredient free, Grain/Flour Free, Gluten free and Dairy free), with options for Vegans, Ketogenic Diets and Diabetics. From next week you can order them online from Paleo Lifestyle’s official website and can choose to pay online or cash upon delivery. Delivery will be within the Glasgow area, with potential of expanding to Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. Please have a look at the video on YouTube to see how the event went, and subscribe to my channel to get more updates from Paleo Lifestyle, including recipe videos, workout videos, healthy tips and tricks, and lifestyle/travel vlogs.
Paleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting Glasgow

Paleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting GlasgowPaleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting GlasgowPaleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting GlasgowPaleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting GlasgowPaleo Lifestyle Healthy Vegan Cake Tasting Glasgow

Gabriela Nicol is an accredited Paleo Nutritionist and a health enthusiast who believes Nutrition determines a person’s health and longevity. Gabriela has followed the Paleo Lifestyle herself for over 2 years and believes leading by example is fundamental to providing an expert Nutritional advice, which she does in the form of consultations (in person or online), diet plans, healthy recipes, as well as an online shop for Organic superfoods for your cupboard staples.

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