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Welcome to Paleo Lifestyle

My name is Gabriela Nicol and I am a fully qualified and accredited Paleo and Keto Nutritionist based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

I help people get in the best shape of their lives without feeling hungry or restricted, be the healthiest they can be and battle food intolerances (such as gluten and dairy intolerances), autoimmune and metabolic diseases (such as IBS, IBD, Coeliac disease, Crohn’s, Thyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes), and stop Cancer from spreading, through the Paleo and Ketogenic diets.

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Our mission

To get you in the best shape and health of your life and turn it into a lifestyle.

Our vision

To live a healthy life free of food intolerances, autoimmune and metabolic diseases and chronic illnesses.

Our history

Fully qualified and helped many clients internationally to achieve their goals in the past 5 years.

How It Works?

A lifestyle
Diet is not about starving but eating highly nutritious food.
Go Natural
Encouraging people to go back to natural food sources.
Schedule Exercise
Stay active to keep muscle tone and live longer!
Celebrate Success
Always appreciate your wins, celebrate your successes!